The Central scientific library of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan – is a prominent stockholder of the scientific literature in Kazakhstan carrying out the functions of the natural scientific depositary (5,6 millions of copies).

   The library stock presents the richest collections of the national and foreign publications, dissertations, scientific works, Kazakhstan scientists’ private libraries. The specific composition of the materials is enormous: from the originals of manuscripts to the modern electron bearer of information.
    CSL MES RK –is the holder of the unique stock of rare books and manuscripts. The fund of rare books in Russian  counts 20,5 thousand copies, fund of manuscripts- 22 thousand copies, fund of the Oriental literature-9,6 thousand copies.
   The fund of rare books, manuscripts and national literature is the pride of the library. Here is preserved the unique collection of the pre-revolutionary Kazakh literature, most completely presented in this stock among the collections of the other libraries of Kazakhstan. Just in this department is the complete fund of dissertations, being defended in the Academy of Sciences of the Republic. The fund consists of 7 original parts.
     The chronological embrace of those collections from XIV to XX centuries. The manuscripts present the historical materials and monuments of the Kazakh literature.
   The considerable part of the rare Russian books composes the Russian scientists’ publications, investigating the history, archeology and ethnography of the Kazakh nation.
      CSL MES RK –is an informational centre of the Republic significance, an elaborator and organizer of its own model of Digital library. The main directions of the library work are on the following themes:
  • Creation of the effective and dynamically developing inform data base   for preserving the CSL documents on the basis of the modern computer technologies.
  • The usage and popularization of the scientific, cultural and historical documents from the Central Scientific Library stock and the other Republic sources including the unique materials being the national property, and presenting the world value.
  • The digital restoration of the rare manuscripts and other sources.
  • Creation of the own data base (DB) and compact –discs of the scientific-bibliographical and inform teaching aids, scientific academic journals.
  • Automation of the documents use in CSL and creation of the united Inform System (IS).
  • The conduct of the consolidated electron catalogue from 1994.
  • The generation in excess of 20 DB on the actual problems of the scientific researches, and the sector  DB (“Geology of Kazakhstan, ”Soils of Kazakhstan”, ”Nature and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan”, ”Kazakhstan and the World Association”, the referee DB “Organization and Management of Science in the contemporary conditions”, DB EDD, and etc.
  • Providing of access to 25DB of the world inform centre, and publications of the scientific journals.

     CSL MES RK- is the centre of the international books exchange, the significant repository in Kazakhstan with the stock of 900 thousand of foreign literature, the partner of 466 scientific institutions from 65 countries of the world. Annually it’s acquired over 5000 copies of the scientific literature on foreign languages by these channels.

     CSL MES RK – is the centre of the scientific-bibliographical activity of the Republic. It has a certificate of the intellectual property on 4 bibliographical series:
  • “Kazakhstan and the World Association”
  • “Biobibliography of the Kazakhstan Scientists”
  • «Ұлы тұлғалар» (“The Great Names”)
  • ”The Prominent Figures of the Library Affair”.

      The library issues the current and retrospective indexes in many branches of sciences for providing the fundamental and applied researches of the Kazakhstan science by the  regional, problem-subject, retrospective bibliographical information. At present CSL is in the forefront of the scientific-bibliographical branch of the Republic. There is created the composite DB “Nature and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan”, which includes all subjects of the natural scientific direction.

  CSL MES RK is an initiator and executor of the scientific-research projects in the sphere of library management and new informational technologies. CSL is the participant of the Republic  special-purpose program “The Development of the State System of the Scientific-Technical Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the program of fundamental and applied researches of Ministry of Education and Science RK.
   CSL MES RK –is the centre of branching out network of the libraries under the scientific-research institutions of the MES RK. The net counts 16 libraries. The large libraries with their own traditions and history – are the branches under the scientific-research institutes: nuclear physics, chemical sciences, geological sciences, zoology, mining, astrophysical institute, and etc.  
     CSL MES RK –is the centre of the scientific propagation of Kazakhstan, the state politics and strengthening of the international connections. CSL –is the member of:
  • International association of the academies of sciences of the CIS and the Baltic countries;
  • The library association of the RK;
  • The library association of Almaty city;
  • Co-founder of the inform library consortium of Kazakhstan;
The representative of the National Inform Centre of the 6th Frame Program ES in Kazakhstan on the INTAS program.

 Nazarbaev 2017



State of the Nation Address by President of Kazakhstan 

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev


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