The library provides its funds via the loan system, reading halls, ILS.

The loan system serves the scientists and specialists by the giving out literature to home.
The users are to register at the loan system and join the library. Here are accepted the users’ orders for literature from the repository.

The reading rooms serve the scientists, specialists, post-graduates, students and s. o.
The books fund of the reading room №1 concludes periodicals in Russian (the last 5 years), in foreign languages (the last 2years), and also encyclopedias and dictionaries.

In the reading rooms provided the additional paid services- the lending of literature to home.



In a reading room services are for scientist, undergraduates and students. For convenience the fund of open access is provided for readers. The open book fund consists of about 3 thousand books, 54 names of magazines and 30 names of newspapers in the Kazakh language. Besides exhibitions of new supplies and thematic exhibitions are held regularly.

The literature in a national language includes books in history, literary criticism, linguistics, religions, medicine, agriculture, jurisprudence, biology and ecology, the right, pedagogic and psychology, chemistry, physics, etc., and also encyclopedias and dictionaries in various spheres. Here all conditions for comfortable using materials are created, for convenience in information search Wi-Fi works.

In the reading room additional paid library-bibliographic and reference services are:

• Searching catalogue materials for reader application;

• The night paid subscription;

• Translational services (translation from Arabic script in modern Kazakh script, from Russian in Kazakh);

• Granting documents for cinema and photography;

• X-copies of materials in format А4, А3, scanning and listing of microfilms;

 Rare books and manuscripts exhibitions.


1. Rare books and manuscripts in a reading room are given scientists, researchers, experts, graduates and students. In order to work with rare, hand-written fund it is necessary to give the letter addressed to the General Director of «Gylym оrdasy» RSE, SC, RK МES of working place, or an educational institution. In the letter it is necessary to specify: occupation of the reader if it is the master, for student – to specify faculty, and also a theme of scientific work. If the reader does not work in establishment (for example, the pensioner) the application is written on its own behalf.

2. For reception of necessary material, it is necessary for reader to fill in the form of the requirement. Materials are given the reader only according to his  theme researched.

3. Materials of the fund of rare books and manuscripts are given according to a price on rendering the paid services, authorized by the General Director of «Gylym оrdasy» RSE, SC and RK МES.

4. The reader can make 10 orders in a day. The reader can take only 1 unit of the document in one hand.

5. The reader can keep the received editions in the reading room till 15 days (the dissertation – 1 month).

6. If the reader cannot use orders within 3 days editions come back in fund.

7. If the document is used by other reader, the document is given out with the consent of the first ordered.

8. The reader is responsible for editions for all the period of using the material.

9. Photographing, copying of rare books and manuscripts without the special sanction is forbidden.

10. In case of late return of books, at presence of the night subscription, the reader to pay the penalty.

11. It is strictly forbidden to take out documents from the reading room, to bring the edition from other reading room without the coordination with the librarian, to fold, draw, fill, paint over, ripping pages, to put extraneous subjects among pages, write on sheets or writing-books, having put on the document, put other document on the open document, to schoot editions on the camera and mobile phones, enter into a reading room with a bag (extraneous subjects).

Rule-breakers in the reading room of rare books and manuscripts lose the right of using materials of the library.

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State of the Nation Address by President of Kazakhstan 

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev


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