Biological and medical sciences

9book Ibragimova N.A., l.yu M.B., Snow D., Sabitov A.N. On the question of the necessity of normating bio-transformed substances medicinal preparations in objects of the environment (short message)

Technical sciences

9book Rakishev B.R. Mining and metallurgical complex in industrial and postindustrial development of society

Agrarian science

9book Kalmagambetov M.B., Ombayev AM., Ashanin A.I., Adaibayev Zh.Zh., Tlepov A.. 1. The impact of address compoundconcentrated feedstuff on the dairy productivity of cows and the quality of milk    

9book Zhapar K.K., Shamekova M.K., Zhambakin K.Z. Gene engineering for production cold-tolerant sweet potato (Ipomoea Batatas)

Chemical science

9book Kaldybayeva Botagoz M., Khussanov Alisher E., Abilmagzhanov Arlan Zli., Boldvryev Stanislav. Experimental justification of the absorber selection for the process of simultaneous chemisorption of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide


Social sciences

9book Ayupova Z.K., Kussainov D.U., Nagan Winston. On the state mechanisms of ensuring social policy in the republicof Kazakhstan   

9book Aman R. L., Nurgaliyeva K, O. Institutional environment: is it an enabler or a constraint to female entrepreneurship?

9bookAimagambetov Ye.B., Tingisheva A. Organizational and financial mechanism of public management of the health care system in foreign countries                     

9book Mubarakov A.M., Ataev B.K., Karymsakova A.Zh. Multimedia principles and its usage in geometry teaching

9book Bavadilova B.M. The research on the innovative potential of small and medium-sized enterprises under the formation of a new technological structure (based on data of EAST Kazakhstan region)    

9book Seitova V., Roland Giese. Formation and development of innovative cotton-textile cluster in Kazakhstan

9book Dariskalieva M.S., Ahmurzina D.O., Abuziarova Zh.R. Innovative development of small business as a factor of sustainable development of the Kazakhstan economy  

 9book Galiyeva A.Kh., Toksanova A.M., Ukmbassova G.S., Abildina A.Sh., Kulubekov M.T. Methodology for evaluating thequality of the predictions of consumer demand and volumes of mineral-raw material resources production       

9book Dyussegaliyev M.Zh., Sabirova R.K., Zinullina A.I., Kenzheshov A.A. State budget of the republic of Kazakhstan

9book Dyusembaeva L.K., Bulakbay Zh.M., Babazhanova Zh.A., Nurbayeva G.Ye. Improving the strategy of interaction betweenthe state and small businesses in Kazakhstan

9book Zhadigerova O.Zh., Kadyrova G.M. Importance of second level banks at the stage of modernization of the economy of Kazakhstan   

9bookIgibaeva Z.K. System of internal government audit in the Republic of Kazakhstan  

9book Kenzhebaeva Zh.E., Baynazarova R.M. Mathematical and algorithmic models of information processing and management systems      

9book Kodasheva G.S., Shaykhanova G.S., Zlnimisova A.Zh. Assessment of risk management of Kazakhstan banks in conditions of growth uncertainty      

9book Kuttybai М., Davletbayeva N.. Otynbassarova Ye., Kamenova A. World practice of financing infrastructure projects based on public-private partnership 

9book Nygmanova D.K. Linguo-cultural study of lexico-semantic groups "Clothing"          

9book Sadykova R.K., Bikenova A.S., Eleusiz L.T., Temiralieva Z.S. Features of innovative activity in the sphere of tourism


9book Tleuzhanova D.A., Kurmanova D.S., Beisembaeva A.A., Nurgabylov M.N. Problems and prospects of sustainabledevelopment of agriculture 

9book Toilybek T.G: Economic development of light industry in Kazakhstan and Russia in the conditions of the EAEU

9book Tulebayeva A.M., Salzhanova Z.A. Labor mobility in the republic of Kazakhstan 

9book Utepkaliyeva K.M, Dyusgaliyeva B.M., Mukasheva A.D., Kalauov A.M. Agrarian sector of economy of Kazakhstan


9book Khamidullina Zh.B., Ermekbaeva A.K., Zhitbanova S.B. Innovative approach in the development of the Kazakhstan


9book Shaukerova Z.M., Aykupesheva D.M. Assessment and disclosure of information in the financial reporting of investment property       

9book Ussipbekov A .A., Alibekova A.B., Doskalieva B.B., Alibekova A.B.The modem condition of the financial marketof Kazakhstan      

9book Issayeva A.Z., Aitimov B.Zh. Some issues of the procedural peculiarities of reviewing civil cases on labor disputes in courts of appeal 

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State of the Nation Address by President of Kazakhstan 

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev


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