Technical sciences

9book  Assembayeva Е.К., Galstyan A.G., Seidakhmetova Z.Zh., Velyamov T.M.,Nurmukhanbetova D.E. Investigation of technological parameters of production of sour-milk drink with prebiotic properties on the basis of camel milk 

9book Buktukov N.S., Aitkulov M. Efficiency of new generation solar photoelectric batteries  

9book Kaziev G.Z., Taurbekova A.A.The decomposition methods of complex data processing systems

9book Kenzhebayeva Z.E.. Isabayeva G.Zh., Zhanusova Zh.K. Cyber security

Biological and medical sciences

9book Bersimbaev R.I., Akparova A.Yu., Aripova A A., Kausbekova A.Zh. Role of microRNA and polymorphisms of FOXP3and ADRB2 genes in pathogenesis of pulmonary diseases     

9book Aitkenova G.T., Yesbenbetova Zh.Kh., Abikenova Sh. K., Mukanov D. B. Analysis of the effectiveness of the developedmethodology for setting the type and the volume of guarantees to workers for working conditions 

9book Demchenko G. A.Akhmetbayeva N. A. Adrenergic innervation of lymphatic nodes from various body regions in young and mature animals 

9book Myrzakhanova M.N., Myrzakhanov N. Factors that provide movement of lymphatics of rats on lymphatic vasculars

Social sciences

9book  Ayupova Z.K., Kussainov D.U., Winston Nagan. To the question of pre-trial adjusting of tile conflicts in the modem legal system of the republic of Kazakhstan      

9book Abdugalina S.E., Baidalina M.Y., Iskakova Z. Zh. The introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process of higher education

9book Galiyeva A.Kh., Sadu Zh.N,, Kulubekov M.T., Kazbekova L.A. Education and science as factors of innovative economics development

9book Dzhumabekova  A. T., Alina G.B. The role of monetary policy of the national bank of RK in the economic development of the state   

9book Erdeshova Zh.I., Sarsenova A.B., Tazhigalieva M.Zh. Resolution of housing disputes in the civil process

9book Eskaliyeva A.Zh., Adietova E.M., Gabdulin N.I. Formation of human capital in the social sphere in the conditions of innovative economy  

9book Zhakisheva K.M., Zhumanova D.T. Theoretical and practical aspects of monitoring the financial condition of agrarian sector enterprises      

9book Igibaeva Z.K., Beysenova  L.Z. Assessment of the effect of internal governmental audit on the use of governmental resources in the republic of Kazakhstan      

9book Karipbaev B.I. Category of “contingency” as a factor in the legitimization of tolerance and pluralism

9book Moldakenova E.K., Auezova K.T., Amrenova G.K. Modernization of the organizational structure managementof enterprises of agro-industrial complex         

9book Mukasheva G.M., Aymurzina B.T. Comparative analysis of market conditions of grain economy of RK and Mongolia

9book Nesipbekov  Ye. N, Appakova G.N. Investment portfolio set-up in terms of JSC NC "Kazakhstan temir zholy"

9book Omarkhanova  Zh.M., Tleuzhanova D.A., Amangeldijeva Zh. A., Baymagambetova Z/A. Main directions for improvingagrofranching in the Akmolinregion    

9book Panzabekova A.Zh. Interdependence of tourism diversification and regional development features of Kazakhstan

9book Sarsenbayeva KA., Utegenova Zh.S. Educational process and innovative management in modem pedagogy in higher school 

9book Seisenbina A.A. Management of innovative development of food industry enterprises in RK

9bookTatibekov B.L. Development and formalization strategy of labor market in Kazakhstan under the conditions of digitalization  

9book Shugaipova Zh. Market mechanisms of development of the mineral resource complex of Kazakhstan at the present stage

9book Bikenova A.S., Madisheva A.M., Nurgabylov M.N, Karabayeva R.K.T otal management in the sphere of tourist services   

9book Dauzova A.M., Dyrka S. The issue of methodological aspects of assessment of land resources

9book Kussainova A.A., Kozlowski Waldemar, Gerashchenko I.P. Development of innovative insurance products of thefinancial market   

9book Uspambaeva M. K, Rakaeva A.N., Amrenova G. K. State audit in the system of economic management

9book Utepkalieva K.M., Sabirova R.K., Kabdulova AS.Development of small and medium entrepreneurship in agrarian sphere of Kazakhstan

9book Shaukerova Z.M., Abdykerova G.Zh., Kasymova A.G. Current problems of the audit of consolidated financial reporting  

9book Omarova A., Malgaraeva  Zh., Murzaliyeva A. Ensuring food security in the context of the development of integration  processes

9book Taspenova G.A., Karipova A., Alisheva D.E. Analysis of factors affecting the economic strategy of diversification

 Nazarbaev 2017



State of the Nation Address by President of Kazakhstan 

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev


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