Scientific articles

9book Rakishev B. Justification of systems of open cast development of useful fossils and their new classification.

9book Zhumatayeva G., Bitileuova Z., Bayburayeva Zh., Zhanbirov Zh., Taran I. Problems of operation of trucks in theregions of Kazakhstan.

9book Gaponov N.V., Svistunov S.V., Bondarenko N.N., Romanenko I.A. Effect of deuterium water on blood values anddigestibility of nutrients of rhesus macaque.

9book Kokhmetova A., Atishova M. Identification wheat genotypes resistant to to tan spot Pyrenophora tritici-repentis.

9book Doronin V.A., Sinchenko V., Driga V. V., Kravchenko Yu.A., Polishchuk V.V., Mykolayko V.P., Polishchuk T. V.Features of formation of miscanthus planting material in conditions of drip irrigation.

9book Kokhmetova A.M., Atishova M.N., Galymbek K. Identification of wheat germplasm resistant to leaf, stripe and stemrust using molecular markers.

9book Nasiyev B.N., Manolov I.G., Bekkaliyev A.K. Change of phosphorum and exchange sodium conditions of chestnesssoils under the influence of grazing.

9book Sherne V.S., Aubakirov Kh.A., Lavrentiev A.Yu., Semenov V.G., Baimukanov D.A. Use of enzyme preparations incompound feed for ducklings.

9book Balykin A.A., Shashkarov L.G., Mefodyev G.A., Semenov V.G. Leaves area of spring wheat plants depending onpreseeding treatment of seeds and varieties.

9book Nasiyev B.N., Yancheva H.G., Zhanatalapov N.Zh. Pasture mode for use of Sudan grass.

9book Zhailibayeva L.A., Oleichenko S.N., Esenalieva M.D., Demirta§ I. Study and determination of diseases and pestsof repair raspberry «Bryanskoe divo» in the South-East of Kazakhstan.

9book Karynbayev A.K., Baimukanov D.A., Bekenov D.M., Yuldashbayev Yu.A., Chindaliyev A.E. Environmentalmonitoring and crop yield of natural pastures of the southeast of Kazakhstan.

9book Zhukova G.S., Dolbik-Vorobey T.A., Ostrovskaya N.V., Burlankov P.S., Kremer N.Sh. Digital technologies forimplementing corporate social responsibility.

9book Naumkin V.A. Financial resources of small businesses: internal and external factors influencing the sources of theirformation.

9book Putihin Y.E., Akimova Y.N., Ostrovskaya N. V., Manvelova I.A., Negashev E.V. Conceptual approaches to classificationof national accounting systems.

9book Petrov A.M., Sembiyeva L.M. Organizational and methodical mechanism of internal audit of settlements in corporate systems.

9book Kevorkova Z.A., Zhukova G.S., Antonova O., Dolbik-Vorobey T.A., Petrov A.M. Organizational prerequisites fortransition to IFRS in the artificial intelligence context.

9book Abylkassimova Zh., Orynbekova G., Alibayeva М., Osadchaya O. Analysis of innovation activities of enterprises ofKazakhstan.

9book Bimuratova A., Tokareva E., Makhatova A., Cherep A. World experience of social responsibility of banks.

9book Absattarov G.R. System-political characteristics of legal culture.

9book Medvedeva T.N., Troyakova Y.K. Ethnic public organizations in Khakassia.

9book Fomina L. Yu. Right to respect for private and family life and public service: practice of the european court of human Rights.

9book Kraievskyi V.M., Skoryk M.O., Bohdan S.V., Hmyrya V.P. Coherence of accounting systems: transcendence of contentand immunity of purpose.

9book Raimkulova A. Kazakh music culture on the globalization crossroads: ethnic traditions versus composer school inintercultural interaction.

9book Kassymova G.K., Lavrinenko S. V., Kraynova E.R., Gasanova R.R., Kamenskaya E.N., Kosov A.V., Arpentieva M.R., Gorelova I. V. Modern concepts and archetypes of the management in education: psychological, social and economicalaspects.

9book Nesterov A.Y. Institute of probation service in the Russian Federation.

9book Omarova A.K., Kaztuganova A.Zh., KaromatD.F. Globalization and ethnomusicology.

9book Menshikov P.V., Kassymova G.K., Gasanova R.R., Zaichikov Y.V., Berezovskaya V.A., Kosov A.V., Arpentieva M.R., KirichkovaM.E. Artistic and aesthetic education and musical psychotherapy of a specialist’s training.

To the day of science

9book Baimuratov U.B., Zhalgasuly N.Zh. Copper wealth of the tulip steppe.

Anniversary dates

9book Drozhev Viktor Ivanovich (on the occasion of his 80th birthday).

Informational message

9book Zhurinov M.Zh. Statement of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan in connection with the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.

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State of the Nation Address by President of Kazakhstan 

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