BeyiskulovOn February, 8, 2017, in «Gylym ordasy» Central Scientific Library the book of «Prominent figures in Kazakhstan science» series dedicated to Toktar Abdrakhmanovich Beiskulov, the academician of the Kazakhstan Academy of Humanities will be presented.

Address: Almaty city, Shevchenko Street, 28.

Toktar Abdrakhmanovich Beiskulov was born in 1932, January, 15, in Karlygash village, Alakol region, Alma-Ata oblast (now Uigentas region, Taldykorgan oblast).

In 1941 he left a primary school in Tonkeris village, studied at the seven-year school, Furmanov village (Yessaly). In 1956, he graduated from the S.M. Kirov Kazakh State University, philological faculty (now the al-Farabi Kazakh National University), in 1966 – the department of journalism at the Higher Party School in Moscow city. In 1957 T. Beiskulov was a member of the bureau and deputy head of Komsomol Committee department of Taldykurgan oblast.

In 1962-1964 – instructor and head of the lecturer group of the Party Committee, Alma-Ata oblast. Then for 18 years he has worked in Radio and TV sphere. On graduating the Higher Party School he was appointed a deputy chief of Radio and TV administration, Alma-Ata oblast, then a senior editor at the Chief Editorial Board. In 1973 he was appointed the editor-in-chief and member of the colleague at the TV and Broadcasting Chief Editorial Board of the Communist Party Central Committee of Kazakhstan. In 1984 and 1991 he is a deputy chief at the Administration on State Secret Protection in the Press under Kazakh SSR Soviet of Ministers.  

The principal scientific and creative work of T. Beiskulov was studying of life of the writer Beimbet Mailin, classic of the Kazakh literature. 40 years of his life he has devoted to this work. As the result there were published the following books: «B. Mailin is a publicist» (1979), «A winged writer» (1983), «Personal talent» (1994), «Who shot Beimbet Mailin?» (2000). Also there was compiled the collection of memories. In 2003 after the long creative search T. Beiskulov published the book named «Tortures of the hard times». In 2005 the documentary-journalistic essay «Beimbet Mailin and national art» was published.

In 1997 T.A. Beiskulov defended a dissertation for the degree of candidate of philological sciences on the theme «Beimbet Mailin is critic and publicist». In 2001 he was elected a Honorary member of the Academy of Social Sciences. In 2003 he became a member of dissertation Council of journalism faculty, the al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

By T.A. Beiskulov’s request in Karlygash village it was raised a monument with the names of 91 veterans – participants of 1941-1945 war.  

The books published by T.A. Beiskulov

  1.  In the footsteps of the fathers. Publicism. 1973.
  2. Substitute the chest by a bullet. 1975.
  3. A winged writer. 1973.
  4. Be aga. 1991.
  5. Our village is Ushkaiyn. 1993.
  6. Severe cold of December. 1994.
  7. Personal talent. 1994.
  8. In mouth of Sarbeek. 1995.
  9.  I don’t say goodbye to you, my love!: Epistolary story. 1999.
  10.  Death and sorrow: Novel-essay. 2000.
  11.  Who shot Beimbet ?  
  12.  90 destinies: Publicistic facts. 2000.
  13.  Uigentas vicinity: Publicism. 2001.
  14.  Day is breaking. Memories of the past. 2002.
  15.  Tortures of the hard times. On Beimbet Mailin’s life.
  16.  Mailyshat: Publicistic facts. 2003.
  17.  Beimbet Mailin and national art. 2005.
  18.  Editor-in-chief of the book «Chosen in Saryarka». 2007.
  19.  Five-volume collection. 2008.
  20.  Struggle for life. 2009.

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